It's been more than a year since I've blogged (which might or might not be a reflection of my IRL productivity over that same time frame), and the slowly rising level of shame proved to be just enough to counter the unstoppable juggernaut that is my laziness. I now know how much my laziness is worth - about 16 months of languishing.

Of course, it would offend my deeply rooted laziness if I refused to prevaricate in the 'passive-aggresive-productive-but-not-really' way I do best and spend hours researching worthy blog framework contenders first. So that's just what I did. It wasn't all fruitless though, oh no.

You see, I like Ruby, but I absolutely adore Python. The last time I was on the hunt for a suitable framework, Jekyll and Octopress seemed better conceived aesthetically than their Python counterparts (because who am I to sit and muck about with themes and the like, html/css is too much effort). However, this time around I was very pleasantly surprised at the maturity of both Nikola and Pelican.

To my inexperienced eyes, they were both close enough in terms of simplicity, features, community, and documentation that I ended up making a decision based on...well nothing really, call it a coin-flip that went in Pelican's favor. So far, it's been rather trivial to get Pelican up and working, and cook up a quick script to migrate my posts (all 3 of them) over. I'm using the very awesome pelican-cait theme, which I've minimally modified for my needs.

Unlike last time, I also have a vague, amorphous plan in terms of subsequent posts, so this shouldn't turn into a graveyard like my previous attempt. Only time will tell though...